Blood banks are running dry- Please donate blood today.

Frequent Questions and Answers given by Eminent Haematologist & Consultant Transfusion Medicine of Tata Medical Centre – Dr_Suvro_Datta.

Blood Collection

Q1. Can I donate blood in this time of pandemic?

Yes; you can. Please disclose your travel history during last 28 days and history of recent flu like illness to the blood bank doctor during the medical check-up before donating your blood.

Q2. Will my blood be tested for coronavirus?

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus; mode of transmission is droplets or aerosol, not blood. There have been no reported or suspected cases of transfusion-transmitted COVID-19 till date. As of now it is not required to screen the blood for coronavirus in blood bank.

Q3. Is it safe to come and donate at blood bank?

Yes; it’s safe; but don’t go in groups. Go individually at blood bank, avoid crowding, use face mask and hand sanitizer for your safety. Avoid mass gathering at donor waiting area and at refreshment room. Individuals are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 through the blood donation process.

Q4. Should I inform blood bank regarding my illness after donation?

Yes; please call the blood bank and inform if you will feel any flu like symptoms within 48 hours to 14 days after donating your blood.

Q5. A blood group individual susceptibility?

If you are having A blood group; there is no need to panic. It does not mean you will be infected surely and if you are O blood group individual, it does not mean you are absolutely safe either. You still need to wash your hands frequently and follow the guidelines issued by authorities.

🔅Blood_banks are running dry. 🔅Visit your nearest blood bank individually and donate today for patients.

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