Carolyn’s First Journey (CHAPTER:- 1)

Carolyn’s First Journey


In the dark midnight; a blue sedan car, with a hint of black moved like a king in the pitch black road and splashed light all over the way. This car belonged to Carolyn, a college girl who was filled with enormous curiosity. This car was gifted to her by her father. This family had a lot of respect in the society. Carolyn’s father was a renowned police officer of his time. But now he is a father who wants to spend his retired life with his daughter. However their household is quite strict with unbreakable rules. But Carolyn was quite of a rule breaker. Like now she is breaking the rule of getting out of the house after 12 a.m. And it’s past 12:30.

Now she doesn’t have a reason to go out. But she considers it as a relaxation for her. Now in the present time she is driving towards the countryside. She doesn’t know anyone in there but still enjoys the views. Her studies are also coming to an end. She is the starlight of her class. She topped in every class of her school. And in college, also is the brightest star. Her father is so proud of her but afraid at the same time because of her ambition. It was her dream since she was a kid. She wanted to become a real life detective.

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She anxiously looked at the time. She was horrified to see that it was past 1 a.m.
She was so engaged in enjoying the ride that she forgot to check on the time.
She took a turn and sped up and rushed back home. When she reached the house it was 1:30 a.m. She slowly parked the car at the garage without making any sound. Then she carefully step out of it and made her way towards the front gate. But the gate was locked. She murmured to herself. “looks like today we are jumping through the window again”. She followed a wire which lead to the backyard of the house. In this side of the house one could see the window of Carolyn’s room quite clearly. Now here a rope was hanging from the window.

Carolyn carefully climbed up with the help of the rope and jumped through the window to get into her room. This had became a everyday activity to her.
In the room, her all time companion was waiting for her. She called out to him “Hey, I know you are mad at me, Fluffy. I promised that I would take you with me today. But you were sleeping, and no offence but you were literally snoring.”
Fluffy replied “Hey dogs don’t snore”
Carolyn replies “Yes they do. And want to know a fun fact”. She comes near Fluffy’s ear and whispers “They sneeze”.
“No we don’t” Fluffy shouted in a protesting voice.

Carolyn laughed and said “Well that’s what I thought until I saw you”
Fluffy knew very well that no one could win an argument with Carolyn. So he decided to close it and told Carolyn to fresh up and go to sleep. Carolyn did listen to Fluffy and freshen up and as soon as she touched the bed, she fell asleep.
Carolyn woke up by hearing the alarm clock which rang at sharp 7 a.m. She got up and brushed. She took a bath and freshen up. She dressed herself in a white top and blue jeans and made her way towards the dinning hall.
She saw her father and the caretaker Alma waiting for her at the table. She approached them both and greeted them Good Morning.

She saw a strange hesitation in their faces. She asked her father “Dad is everything all right?” Her father looked at Alma. Carolyn noticed Alma giving a supporting gesture at him. He finally spoke “Well you see Cary (At home everybody called her by this name) you are growing into a beautiful young lady. You should now think about your future. So, what do you want to be? your studies are also coming to an end.” Carolyn replied “Dad you already know that I want to be a detective.” Her father said “I know honey bear. But I am worried about your future.” Carolyn spoke in a calming voice “Dad it’s time you believe in me”.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Alma opened the door. The former police commissioner Mr. Renner came to their house. He was also a old friend of Carolyn’s father. Carolyn’s father was delighted to see his old friend. They started by asking how they were this days and hugged each other. Carolyn’s father offered him a seat.
Now Mr. Renner came to the real matter. He said “Greson my old friend I need your help” Carolyn’s father replied, “Yeah tell me.” Mr. Renner said “Well you see, a murder has occurred in the northern valleys of Whistle town. The girl, Alina is a 13 year old who lived in the part of Sean town. She was on her way to home after school.

At her way home she was brutally stabbed at the back multiple times and murdered. This body was found at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. What’s more interesting is that she was supposed to be home by 1:30 p.m. But The parents didn’t report anything after she was not coming home” Carolyn’s father said “Wait they didn’t report. Did you asked them Why?” I did replied Mr. Renner. “But they said that they knew that she was going to hang out with friends. But when I enquired her friends ,they said there was no such plans.” “Strange” said Carolyn.

This was the first time Mr. Renner paid attention to Carolyn and was quite astonished to see that she had grown up so much. He said “Oh Cary you have grown up so much.” Carolyn giggled and said” Yeah but uncle Renner why would the girl’s parents lie” Mr. Renner replied “That is where I am confused too.”
“Hmmm, did you find the murder weapon”
“No we’re still working on it”
Mr. Greson said “Oh Renner you see I have grown old and I am not the same anymore. But my daughter would do an excellent job.”
“No wonder she will” Mr. Renner smiled
Carolyn was surprised to hear that and looked at her father. Her father smiled and said “It’s time I beleive in you.” Carolyn jumped in excitement and hugged her Dad.
Mr. Renner said to Carolyn “See you in office tomorrow” and left.

At night Carolyn was strolling in her room. Fluffy was quite surprised to see that Carolyn was not going to sneak out. He asked her “Hey don’t you wanna sneak out tonight.” Carolyn answered ” No I had rather think about the case. You see this case has many confusions. Like the parents doesn’t even care for their daughter. Or rather this could be the case that they do care about her and Alina only lied. Like she wanted to hang out with someone else, and lied to her parents that she wants to hang out with friends. This also explains why her friends told that there was no such plan. And moreover their is no murder weapon. So who did the murder?”♦

                                                                                                                                                                          ~Oishani Seet

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