Be strong to protect yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19), some tips.

Lockdown is going on. It may be extended depending upon situation. So you have to set your mind to stay home for a month or long. Don’t get frustrated. Maintaining basic hygine is must. With this, you have to think positively.

To avoid stress, please follow some tips given below.

First of all, please isolate yourself from news about the COVID-19 virus. Because, everything you need to know, you already know.

Don’t look out for death or infected toll. It’s normal. It will be changed with time. It may be increased or may be decreased. But follow the statistics all the time, make you worried. So avoid it.

Don’t look for additional information about the latest situation or the virus on the Internet. It would weaken your mental state. Besides, there are many more unscientific informations are circulated on internet.

Some people don’t have the enough mental strength. So don’t send fatalistic messages. Instead of helping, it could increse depression. So anything you want to circulate or send someone, be careful.

Listen to music at home at a pleasant volume to keep your mind fresh. For children, you have to motivate them for board games like carrom, chess etc. Tell interesting stories to them.

Firmly believe that this shall also pass and we will be safe. Your positive mood will help to protect your immune system. Mind it, your every negative thought has been shown to depress your immune system. So to beat the virus, your positive mood will work.

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